? Gujarati Film Fraternity

Who We Are

Mission & Vision

Gujarati Film Fraternity is formed with a view to accelerating 360 degree growth of the Gujarati film industry.

What we do

Gujarati Film Fraternity has three layered approach to work. The organization primarily works with its members to support build conducive environment of work within the industry. For producers GFF ensures that it gets involved at strategic level with various stakeholders in Gujarat and outside Gujarat, across the world. For the industry growth GFF works at knowledge creation level. For the growth of the industry, GFF makes rigorous efforts in influencing policy decisions, commissioning research projects, networking with various apex bodies, holding seminars, talks, discussions etc.

About Us

Gujarati Film Fraternity (GFF) was registered as a trust in July, 2020 in Ahmedabad. GFF originally started as a whatsapp group for an academic event that was organized in LJ Institute of Media and Communications in 2016, to discuss the way forward of Gujarati Film Industry. The group continued to discuss key issues in the Gujarati Film Industry for less than a year, before few individuals who were active in this group decided to turn this voluntary activity in to an organization. GFF did its first gathering in June 2017, in Tagore hall Ahmedabad.

GFF has active volunteers in Gujarat, Mumbai, UK, Canada, USA, Australia and Dubai. GFF works a catalyst for the development of Guajrati film industry. For the film workers it crates platform for skilling individuals and organizing them to build a strong community. For producers it ensures that the producers get all the benefits at state, center and global levels. For the new entrants in the industry GFF also does adequate hand holding.

GFF is active in streamlining one voice of Gujarati film industry so that the industry can be more structured. GFF is committed to research, development as well as knowledge creation for the industry. This would eventually help the industry attract co-productions, global recognition, institutional investments and more. GFF aims as getting the Gujarati fraternity aligned with various apex bodies from the country active in the film industry.